Blog 20.11.20

Our book this week was ‘Black and White by Justine Fontes.  It is about what happens when black meets white. They make polka dots, a checkerboard, stripes, wiggles, and more. And when Black and White come together there is a  big-eyed, whiskered surprise at the end!

We have had black and white related Rainbow Challenges this week.  Our challenges have been to:

  • label the black and white animal
  • go on an I spy black and white hunt around the village
  • mix black and white paint together
  • cut along different patterned black lines
  • use black paper and a white pencil to draw lines and circles
  • make a model using black and white  Lego bricks

All the Reception completed all their rainbow challenges and their gold challenge this week.  Super work Starfish!

This week we learnt a poem called ‘Shoes’.  It has eight lines and we have learnt it all off by heart this week!

The Reception children have been learning the sounds j, v, y and w  practising writing the letters using the correct formation. We have continued to read and write cvc words with some help. The nursery children have been focussing on rhyming words, joining in with stories and playing rhyming games.

In maths the Reception children have been finding out and investigating two numbers that add up to ten.   Nursery children have learning about circles, squares, triangle and rectangles.  They have been making shape pictures and been on a shape hunt.

On Monday we did our outdoor challenge around the village.  We went on an I Spy walk looking for things were black and white.  We had clipboards and wrote down things we saw that were the white and black on our sheet. 

Some of our favourite activities this week have been printing black on white and white on black and crushing rice crispies in the tuff tray with textured rolling pins.   This week the photographer came to school.  We were really interested in it so we decided to set up our own photography studio in the classroom and pretend to be photographers! 

Next week our book will be ‘Mrs Rainbow’ by Neil Griffiths.