Blog 20.03.20

As we enjoyed last weeks story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson so much we decided to focus on it for another week.

Our challenges this week were to make a line of jewels that followed the flight of the ladybird, create a cow by using a paper plate and some coloured paper, write a wanted poster for either Hefty Hugh or Lanky Len, find ten differences between the morning and evening pictures on the inside covers of the book, put ladybirds in pairs then count them in twos and outside we needed to ride a balance bike around a map of the farm saying if we had turned left or right.

We have been looking at pictures of farm animals and their babies and learning the baby names.  We played a pairs game where we had to match them up.  Some were much easier than others!

We have been using our sense of touch this week to guess the Numicom.  We have been finding Numicon in soapy water and then finding pieces under piles of foamy soap.

As it is Mother’s Day on Sunday we have been practising our fine motor skills by threading some wool through holes in a heart and writing ‘Mummy, I love you sew much!’  We hope our Mummies will really like them.

The nursery children have been focusing on the sounds that their name starts with this week and finding objects that start with the same sound.   They have also enjoyed playing a game called ‘Cross the River’ focusing on the sounds they can hear.  Reception children have been working really hard with their RWI and have been writing some great sentences.

It was a very sad end to the week as the school shut because of Covid-19 and we didn’t know when we would see our friends again.  Mrs Cotton and Mrs Popay gave us each a pack with some activities to do with our families.   Mrs Popay will be setting jobs for us to do at home using Tapestry so we can still keep in touch.

Stay safe everyone and remember to keep washing your hands.