Blog 19.10.18

This week, as part of our autumn topic, we have a hedgehog theme in our class. We have been building houses for hedgehogs from natural materials and construction equipment.  We have made hedgehogs and counted their spikes, balanced hedgehogs in a tower, taken turns while playing a hedgehog game, practised our cutting skills by cutting out hedgehogs and made soup for hedgehogs in our outdoor area.  
On Monday we joined the rest of the school for a presentation from Suez about recycling and some of us got to have a go at making paper. 
The magnets were a great source of discussion and investigation this week with lots of us  sharing our thoughts and ideas.  We loved seeing how many paperclips we could pick up!
We have been earning our sounds and did some sorting of different objects thinking about what sound they start with.  We have really thought about the sounds when we have been writing and have completed some writing challenges. 
Paint has featured quite a lot this week!  We have been making pictures by rolling conkers and have explored mixing different colours by using paint scrapers.
We have also been outside lots and collected autumn leaves, we looked closely at them and spoke about how they had changed and then put them onto the parachute.  When we had lots of leaves on the parachute we had great fun lifting the parachute up and covering ourselves in leaves! Also outside this week we practised our counting by seeing how many blows it took us to empty the dandelion heads.  We spoke about who needed the least and who needed the most.
Rev Alison and some people from Holy Trinity Church came into school and we took part in 'Prayer Spaces'. We learnt about the special prayer that Christians say and took part in some activities to help us find out more about it.