Blog 19.03.21

Another busy week full of learning in Starfish class!  We seem to have spent even more time learning outside this week which has been fantastic.

Our story for this week has been ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson.  We have completed some tasks linked to the story including writing about our favourite part of the story, singing a ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ song, drawing maps like Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len did, retelling the story using props and lots more!

In the outside area we have been using our boat pretending we have been going fishing, making soup and cakes in the mud kitchen, using hammers and screwdrivers on the tool bench, painting on huge pieces of cardboard using different brushes and exploring the effect of the different scrapers, explored how vehicles travelled along ramps that we made and also riding balance bikes and scooters on the playground.

In the classroom we have explored cutting with different edged scissors, made playdough with spices, lentils, pasta, pinecones and we even made hot cross bun playdough this week.   We have used ribbon in the creative area, cutting and sticking to make pictures and used the home corner for role play.  One day in the tuff tray we had some polystyrene to push golf tees into and then marbles to balance on top but after a while some children decided to make it into a marble run.  We had a great time making our own marble run using golf tees!  

We have been using the Numicon for our maths this week and have been using it to help us with counting and adding.  We also went outside and used the big Numicon and numbers.

As it is census week we have been taking part in our own census activities.  At the beginning of the week we compared our eye colour and made a pictogram with the results and at the end of the week we went outside to complete a survey of the different vehicles that went past our school.

In Starfish class we do love to cook and as it is getting near to Easter we made some hot cross buns this week.  We spoke about why we see hot cross buns in the shops at this time of year and Mrs Cotton helped us to make our own.  We carefully weighed, mix, shaped the dough and made the crosses on the top.  Mandy very kindly cooked them for us in her oven.  They smelt delicious!

Next week we will be reading the Julia Donaldson book ‘Rhyming Rabbit’ and finding out more about the Easter story.   Mrs Cotton has even said she will make some Easter nests with us! Yum yum!