Blog 18 June 2021

Our story this week is ‘Pirate Gran’ by Geraldine Durrant.  It is about some children whose Gran used to be a pirate.  She keeps a pet crocodile and gets up to all sorts of adventures.

This week our Rainbow Challenges were:

Writing – Write a description of Gran

Outside – Have a go in a hammock

Funky Fingers – Pile up the gold coins  

Playdough – Make a skull and crossbones for the Jolly Roger  

Creative – Make a paper plate parrot

Maths  - Use gold coins to double numbers


A very positive week with Rainbow challenges – well done Starfish!   The hammock challenge was most definitely the favourite!


As well as finding out about pirates we have also been really interested in dinosaurs this week, especially the dinosaur skeletons.  We found out how dinosaur skeletons are found and we were pleased to find that in the tuff tray the next day were some dinosaurs for us to excavate!  It was very tricky to get them out. 


We have also been learning about floating and sinking this week and the Reception children have been predicting which items will float and which will sink.  They also recorded their observations.

We have also been making pirate treasure patterns, scrubbing the deck of our pirate ship, looking at some sheep’s wool that some children brought in, exploring the mud kitchen, playing with the water and lots, lots more.