Blog 18.11.21

This week our story has been one of our favourites ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson. Tempted by the promise of fame and fortune, the Singing Mermaid joins a circus. The crowds love her, but the poor mermaid is kept in a tank by the wicked circus owner Sam Sly, and she soon longs to return to the freedom of her ocean home.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been circus or sea themed:

Writing – Write a description of the mermaid

Maths – Pay 7p to Sam Sly to see the circus

Funky Fingers – Cut a paper bag to make a jellyfish

Creative – Make finger print fish

Construction area – Build a circus ring

Outside – Complete some circus skills


What another amazing week of challenges we had!  Once again the children were really motivated.  Nearly all the children, Reception and Nursery, did their Rainbow and Gold challenges.  Well done Starfish!


This week during continuous provision some of the children were talking about lava.  This led to a discussion about what lava was and where it came from.  The children were amazed when Mrs Popay told them she had some lava in the cupboard!  It wasn’t the red hot lava that the children were expecting but a large piece of pumice which they found out was once red hot lava.  It had turned to pumice because it had been cooled down very quickly.  They children then discussed whether it would float or sink with lots of talk about it being like a stone and that stones sink because they are heavy so this would sink.  We tested it out in water and were amazed when it floated!  After investigating the pumice we watched a video of how it was made.


The pizza parlour continued to be very popular again this week with the Reception children writing down orders and thinking really carefully about the sounds that they have been learning in Read, Write, Inc. and using them to write words.


We have been busy in maths this week!  The Reception children have been practising writing numbers,  doubling numbers to double five and halving numbers.  Some numbers have been very tricky to write so they have been working hard to get them the correct way round.  The nursery children have been learning the number six, using BBC Numberblocks to help them and some of them have been ordering numbers to five.  Great work!


Also this week the children have been learning about some of the animals that the singing mermaid would see when she is swimming under the water.  They talked about the similarities and differences and which was their favourite and why.

Next week we start our Christmas theme!  Well, there are only four weeks left of this term until the Christmas holidays!  Our book will be ‘Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift’ by Rebecca Harry.