Blog 18.09.20

Have you ever felt mixed up and confused?  The Colour Monster in our book of the week has.  This week we have been thinking about different feelings and what makes you feel happy, sad, calm angry or scared. 

Our book for this week has been ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas.  We have continued to do our Rainbow Challenges one (or sometimes two) each day.  This week, to get all our challenges we needed to: write about the colour monster, throw beanbags into a matching colour hoop, paint a colour monster and talk about how he was feeling, use  the correct coloured pen to make lines  on the colour monster, make a playdough monster and then stick the correct number of googly eyes on monsters.  All the Reception children that were in school this week completed their Rainbow Challenges and then did their Gold Challenge on Friday.  Great work!

Our special vocabulary this week were the words morning, muddy, leaf and silky.  We also learnt to recite a new poem called ‘Cup of Tea’.   The Curiosity Box continued with a sea theme this week with a whale and lighthouse amongst other things.  We found out how whales breathe and learnt that people used to live in lighthouses.  We started dough disco again this week which was great and doing this regularly will help strengthen the muscles in our hands to help us with our writing.  The Reception children also started Big Maths this week and have been learning to recognise numbers, double and halve small numbers and started to learn about adding. 

In RE we have been finding out about being unique.  We thought about how we are all different to look at and all like to do different things.  We made special mirrors and learnt a rhyme “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.  We are unique, one and all”.

Next week our story is ‘Ready, Steady, Grow!’  by Sophie Piper and Georgie Birkett which is all about what we need to do to help our bodies grow good and strong.