Blog 17th May

This week we have been busy looking at money in our maths lessons.  We recognised and ordered the coins, made amounts in different ways using the coins as well as adding amounts of money.  Next week we are going to try and see how much change we might get when buying things.
In English we have been planning our own portal stories, based on Jack and the Beanstalk.  We had to think about all the different parts of the story, such as; setting, main characters, prized possession, what the character climbs up, what world was awaiting them at the top of the clouds, what they stole and how the story ends.  We are going to be using our ideas to write our story next week.
Science this week was checking up on our beans that we had planted and thinking of reasons why they had/had not grown.
We started looking at Daisy the Dinosaur and A.L.E.X in Computing and working out the correct codes/moves in order to get the character to the correct spot.  Our biggest trouble was working out which was our right and left.