Blog 17.09.21

Our story this week was ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Helen Oxenbury and Michael Rosen.  We have read it lots and have used the characters in the story to retell it to each other.

The nursery children have been going on listening walks this week to see what different sounds they can hear inside and outside school.  They have also been listening to the different sounds that musical instruments make.  The Reception children started Read, Write, Inc. this week and have begun to learn the sounds m, a, s and d.  It has been quite tricky to learn to write them but they have persevered and worked really hard.

As part of our theme this term we have been making big steps and little steps and talking about sizes.  We have also had lots of different sized socks in the curiosity box which gave us lots to talk about.

On Tuesday we went to church for the first time this term and it was the first time that some of Starfish had ever been.  We sang some songs and Revd Alison spoke to us and then the Reception children each got given a Bible.  We spent some time back at school looking at them and talking about why it was a special book.

This week we have also been thinking about how important it is to a good listener.  We made some special Starfish class rules about what we need to do.  We decided that Mr Potato Head was a good listener because his eyes look at the person who is speaking, his mouth is quiet, his ears listen and his hands and feet are still.  We thought that we could all be good listeners like Mr Potato Head!

We were lucky to be able to go and see the fire engine that came into school this week.  We loved watching the water spurt out the hose!  When we came back into the classroom some of us pretended to be firefighters with hoses!

Our book next week will be ‘Life Sized Animal Tracks’ by John Townsend.  It is a non-fiction book which has footprints of lots of different animals.