Blog 16.4.21

We all had a good rest over the Easter holidays and are ready to start a new term of learning.  In Starfish class we began our new theme of ‘Where we live’.  Not all of us live in Embleton but we all come to school here!  We thought about all the different buildings in our village.  We have all been into the shop so we decided that our role play area would be ‘Londis’.  We thought about all the things that the shop sells and we have got some of them in our shop.

Some of the nursery children have been thinking about words that start with the same sound and playing lots of listening games.  The Reception children have been consolidating their Read, Write, Inc. sounds and have been doing lots of writing using the sounds.  There has also been a lot of writing in the different areas.  We have written shopping lists in the shop, recipes in the mud kitchen and have been writing each other’s names to make registers.  

In maths the Reception children have been adding two numbers together and have been investigating by using the Numicon and the balances.  They discovered that if they put a five in one side of the balance and a four and one piece in the other side, the scales would balance.  They then investigated with lots of different pieces of Numicom.  We recorded our number sentences all together on the board.

It has been very cold in the mornings this week and we found that the water in the tuff tray had frozen.  We wanted to break the ice and thought of different ways we could do it.  In the end we asked Mrs Cotton if we could use the hammer from the tool bench.   It worked really well!

This week we began our independent cooking again which was very exciting.  We all had a go at making a chocolate chip mug cake.  They were very yummy!  We all made sure we remember to wash up afterwards.

Our RE theme this term is ‘Special Stories’.  We began this week by talking about and choosing stories that were special to us.  We are looking forward to hearing some new stories that are special to different people in the next few weeks.

As part of our ‘Where We Live’ theme we found out about how cities are different to the countryside.  Some of us have been to cities such as Newcastle, London and Edinburgh but some of us haven’t.  We watched a video about the differences and then sorted some pictures.