Blog 15th February

Half term - again!!  We have all made it through the last 6 weeks.  Well done to those of you who have managed to make it in to school despite not feeling 100%.  There have been lots of nasty viruses going round and everyone has been affected by them in one way or another so we have done lots of looking after each other.  Hopefully we'll all come back after half term fit and healthy.
Despite not running on full strength we have still managed to do lots of learning.  We carried on our fraction work by looking at quarters.  We looked at making sure we share things into 4 equal parts when finding quarters.  Again we looked at finding quarter of numbers by having 4 pieces of paper and using those to help us find 1/4 of a number.
In English we looked at one of the themes of our class book, encouragement.  We discussed what it meant and when and how we could encourage our friends.  We wrote some words of encouragement on paper and made a special box to put them in.  It is in the classroom so if we ever need any words of encouragement we can pick one out of the box, read it and hopefully inspire us.
In RE we finished looking at what Christians think the good news that Jesus brought them was.  We also looked at the theme of friendship.  We think a good friend is someone who;
  • is kind
  • shares
  • plays with us
  • we can talk to
  • can give us a hug if we are feeling sad
  • will help us if we fall over or get stuck with our work
Science was the most exciting lesson of the week!  We talked about how some materials are chosen for purpose because they can easily be made into lots of different sizes and shapes, such as plastic.  We talked about how these materials were heated to high temperatures and then moulded into the required shape.  In order to investigate this we took some old wax crayons and melted them in the oven.  We observed that they were solid when they went in the oven, liquid when they came out and then once they had cooled down they went hard again.  We love our new crayons!!
Hope you all have a restful half term.  See you in a week.