Blog 15.11.19

This week the Reception children began gymnastic sessions.  They did some balancing and travelling and were very good at following instructions.

We now have a  playdough making station where we can make our own playdough!  We measure flour, salt and water and mix it altogether. We have learnt that if we measure exactly we have perfect playdough!  We have also learnt that too dry playdough needs more water and too wet playdough needs more flour.  Our challenge in the playdough area this week has been to make an alien.  By adding different materials we produced some fantastic creations.  

Our role play area this term is a space station.  We have loved dressing up as astronauts and pretending to fly rockets into space.  This week we also watched the first moon landing.  We thought that it was hard to imagine people walking on the moon and some of us didn’t believe that it had really happened.

The bingo dabbers made another appearance this week!  This time as part of a challenge to find letters in our names.   (We then used them on Friday to make Children in Need spotty picures!)

As requested by one of the Starfish our cake this week is an orange cake.  We use orange essence and have been learning to safely zest an orange to add extra flavour.

As usual there has been lots of maths going on.  Some children decided to make their own snakes and ladders game, there were lots of numbers to write!  The tape measures have been popular this week with nearly everything in the classroom being measured.

During our independent learning time we have been writing lists, letters, cards, stories and instructions.  We are so proud of our achievements and put them up in the writing den for everyone to see.

On Friday we took part in Children in Need.  We all came to school to school wearing spots and yellow clothes.  We found out what Children in Need was about and what happens to the money we brought into school.  We also took part in our school bake off to make things to sell at our cake sale after school.  Starfish made spotty biscuits. Some of us took part in some Children in Need activities during the morning and we all took part in the disco in the afternoon!  There was some fabulous dancing!  After school we bought cakes from the cake sale.