Blog 14.5.21

It has been another busy week in Starfish class.  Lots of Rainbow Challenges have been completed these were:

Writing - Draw and label a map of their journey to school

Outside – ride scooters and bikes around a map of the village drawn on the playground

Funky Fingers – Colour and cut out clothes you would wear if you went for a walk in the village on a cold day

Construction  - With a friend build two buildings, one taller than the other

Creative – Cut pictures from gardening magazines to make own garden

Maths  - Use numicon to make a house


The nursery children have been learning some new patterns in ‘Squiggle  While You Wiggle’.  They are getting very good at folding their ‘flappers’ into halves and then quarters when we put them away.  There has also been some great writing from the Reception children. Not only are they thinking about the sounds in words, they are also thinking about a capital letter at the beginning of their sentences and they are trying to remember spaces between words and full stops at the end.  Keep at the fabulous work!

We have learnt a new poem called ‘Sliced Bread’.  It was quite a short one so we are working on longer one about a seashell over the next two weeks.

There has been lots of map  making this week.  Some children decided that they wanted to draw a map and put on their houses and mini-me’s on it ‘so we can all live in the same road and play at each other’s houses’.

As part of our RE theme ‘Special Stories’ we heard a story from Judaism about Queen Esther.   The story is important to Jewish people because it tells them of when Queen Esther saved the Jews.  We all made a crown.

Mr Cotton made us an amazing set of balances this week – thank you Mr Cotton!  We have had so much fun filling the buckets with water and trying to make them balance.  We even tried filling the buckets with stones.   In our outside area we have used screwdrivers and hammers, been for adventures in the boat, made amazing concoctions in the mud kitchen, filled wheelbarrows with sand and water, increased our confidence on the bikes and scooters, practised our writing and so much more!