Blog 13.11.20

Our book this week was ‘Colours.  A Walk in the Countryside’.   A National Trust book written and illustrated  by Rosalind Beardshaw.  It is about two children who play in the countryside, finding ladybirds and butterflies, birds and flowers, before sitting down for a nice picnic. Finally, after a lovely day spotting animals, they sit down beside the river and gaze up at a wonderful rainbow.  There were lots of different colours to identify and lots of things to find in the book.

We have had colour related Rainbow Challenges this week.  Our challenges have been to:

  • choose your favourite colour in the book and write a list of things that are that colour
  • go on an I spy colour hunt
  • do some handprint colour mixing
  • sort the pom-poms into colours using tweezers
  • roll a dice to colour the rainbow
  • make a rainbow using different coloured Lego bricks

All the Reception completed all their rainbow challenges and their gold challenge this week.  Super work Starfish!

We took part in our school Remembrance Day service. We performed our poem ‘Poppy, Poppy’ in front of the whole school.  The children did an amazing job and even managed to remain quiet through the whole two minutes silence.  Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton are so proud of you!  We also did some poppy related activities and found out why we wear poppies. 

The Reception children have been learning the sounds l, h, sh, rand  practising writing the letters using the correct formation. We have continued to read and write cvc words with some help. The nursery children have been focussing on fast and slow listening, joining in and saying which was fast and which was slow.   They also made a sound track to one of our favourite books ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

In maths the Reception children have been continuing to add up to five and counting in tens.  They are getting much better at writing numbers-well done!  Nursery children have been focussing on careful and accurate counting up to five.  They have also used the water to investigate capacity and have been ordering things by size.

On Monday we did our outdoor challenge at the quarry.  We went on an I Spy walk looking for different colours.  We had clipboards and wrote down things we saw that were the colours on our sheet.  We looked for the ponies but we couldn’t see them.  We saw the sign giving instructions about what to do and were amazed when we found out that we could read some of the words (the, on, a) and that we could work out what some of the others were by using our sound knowledge!   We also found out what some of the trickier word meant (disturb, area, co-operation). We even had time for a game of I Spy before we went back to school.

Our favourite activities this week have been mixing colours using handprints and making different colours by mixing coloured playdough. 

Next week our book will be ‘Black meets White’ by Justine Fontes.