Blog 12.11.21

This week our story has been ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert.   It is about a man who is made out of leaves.  Autumn has come, the wind is gusting, and Leaf Man is on the move. He drifts east, over the marsh with ducks and geese and west, above the orchards, prairie meadows, and spotted cows. No one's quite sure where, but this much is certain: A Leaf Man's got to go where the wind blows!


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been leaf related:

Writing – Write a description of a leaf

Maths – Sort the leaves into big and small

Funky Fingers – Thread leaves onto a lace

Creative – Use a leaf to make a monster

Playdough area – Make leaf prints in playdough

Outside – Collect leaves to make a leave person


What an amazing week of challenges we had!  The children were fabulous and nearly all the children did their Rainbow and Gold challenges.  Well done Starfish!


On Tuesday we met the author Ross Collins virtually.  He has written lots of books that we have been reading this week.  Ross showed us how to draw some of the characters from his book.  We did a brilliant job of listening carefully and produced some amazing drawings.


In the Curiosity Box this week we had some poppies, a cross and picture of a soldier.  We spoke about why people wear poppies and that it is important to remember the soldiers that have died. We printed some beautiful poppies using  apples and corks. On Remembrance Day we watched a film about a rabbit in a battle field:  CBeebies - Poppies (  We all managed to stay quiet for one minute.  Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton were very proud of us.


The nursery children have been playing lots of games using rhyming words this week.  Some of the words they have been using were dog, log, frog and clog.  They weren’t sure what a clog was but fortunately Miss Rutter had one in her car!  We had a look at it and thought that it might be a bit uncomfortable to have a shoe made from wood.


This week we started Helicopter Stories again. A helicopter story is when a child tells their story. The adult scribes it word for word. The child decides which character they would like to play and then the class gathers to act the story out with an adult reading it back.  This week we had stories about a rescue helicopter, three princesses and a fat meatball!  Starfish class certainly have great imaginations.


Next week our book will be one of our favourites: ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson.