Blog 12.10.18

This week we have been very autumnal in Starfish class and have been using lots of our autumn treasures that we  collected at home.  One of our Rainbow Challenges this week was to thread leaves onto a pipe cleaner.  This helps build up the muscles in our hands which will help us when we write. 
We have been learning to recognise and write our names of leaves.  It was quite tricky to  write on a leaf, we had to press very gently. 
In the tuff tray we had some of our  autumn treasures to put in a frame, we spoke about the different items and what they felt like. Another day we made some slime in the tuff tray!  We all put our hands in it to feel how smooth it was.  We liked the apple smell!  We also had a tuff tray laser beam challenge which was to pick out some autumn treasures using tweezers! 
When some children were playing with the cars outside they decided that they needed cleaning.  We set up a car wash with lots of bubbles and cleaning brushes.
We have made some leaf decorations to give our classroom an autumn feel.  We have been wrapping wool around leaves and making some autumn leaf twirlers which we also used in our Harvest Festival.
Outside we made some 'mortar' to build wall.  We mixed washing up liquid together with sand to give the texture of mortar.  It was great fun!  Some of us used the wooden bricks and some of us used the foam bricks which look just like real ones!  Also outside some children have been learning the letters in their name.  They had to spray them when they found them. We had some new wooden houses to use in our learning this week.  One day we drew windows and doors on them and the next day some children decided to write door numbers on them and then call the numbers out for their friends to spray off.  We have also been given some tyres this week.  We have worked together to move them.  After a while we were able to roll them on our own.  
In the classroom our reading den has been moved.  It is now a cosy area where we can look at books and share them with each other.  
At our Harvest Festival we performed a song about autumn leaves.  We sang really well and were very confident.