Blog 11 June 2021


What a fantastic surprise we had when we all came into school!  Over half term Mrs Cotton and Mr Cotton had made us an amazing pirate ship complete with flags, telescope and helm!  We have had such fun playing in it this week going on all sorts of adventures!  Mrs Cotton has also made us a pirate ship inside!  We are so lucky.  Before half term some of Starfish had been looking at some pirate story books so we decided our new theme would be ‘Ahoy There!’

This week our Rainbow Challenges were pirate themed:

Writing – Make a list of pirate treasure

Outside – Walk the plank !

Funky Fingers – Sewing (pirates have to sew to mend their clothes and the sails of ships)  

Playdough – Make five gold coins

Creative – Make a treasure chest

Maths  - Make a repeating pattern using the pirate treasure.


As the children weren’t in school on Monday not many children did all the challenges this week but they all had a go at walking the plank! 


As well as the words on the window to help us learn to read the Read, write, Inc. red words, this week we have been using a pop up pirate game too.  Some of the red words are written on the swords and when we pull them out we have to read the words.  We have started to learn a new poem this week about a pirate –it’s another long poem but we love a challenge in Starfish class!

When the children came back after half term they were very excited to see how many strawberries we have on our strawberry plants!  The rain and sunshine as really helped them grow.  The weather had also helped the weeds to grow too so we needed take them out.  Mrs Popay was really impressed with how carefully we looked at the leaves to decide whether it was weed or a strawberry. 

In maths the nursery children have been continuing to practise recognising numbers.  They had  another pop up pirate game with numbers written on swords and had great fun pulling the swords out before the pirate popped out of the barrel.  The Reception children have been doing lots of counting in 5’s and 10’s and learning pairs of numbers to ten.

We have been finding out about flags, we looked at the Union Flag and found out that it is made up of different flags.  We learnt that the pirate flag is called the Jolly Roger and then designed our own Jolly Roger flag.

We have spent lots of time outside this week especially in the mud kitchen and the water area.