Blog 11.12.20

Our book this week was ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.  The story is set at Christmas time. Every tree on Sidney Street is beautifully decorated – except for one! This rebellious tree would rather sit at the table and pull crackers on Christmas day than stand in a corner wearing glittery decorations! Bauble, Belle and the Tinsel Snake need the tree to behave, so they can fulfil their decorating destinies, but the argumentative tree just won’t stand still and be decorated. Then Belle has a crafty idea. . .

 We have had Christmas tree related Rainbow Challenges this week!  Our challenges have been to:

  • Make a playdough Christmas tree
  • Make a lolly stick Christmas tree
  • Match dots on decorations and gift and match to the numbers on the tree
  • Decorate a Christmas tree with pom-poms
  • Write about something that happened in the story
  • Use twigs to make a Christmas tree

This week we learnt a poem called ‘Yummy’.  This was a short poem and the children had learnt it by Wednesday!

The Reception children have been consolidating their learning on all the sounds we have learn this term.  We have written lots of words and have even had a go at writing a simple phrase using the words we have a written.  The children have tried hard to remember finger spaces when writing a caption.   The nursery children have continued to listen carefully about the sounds at beginning of words and have been playing lots of games and activities to help with this.

In maths the Reception children have been finding missing numbers in number lines.  They did really well with numbers to ten.   Nursery children have been recognising and counting numbers to five and talking about which is more and less.

The highlight of this week definitely our school Christmas dinner!

Next week we will be focussing on the Christmas story.