Blog 11.10.19

Our book this week was ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog’ by Rosie Wellesley. It is a story about a hedgehog called Isaac who doesn’t have any friends.  An apple falls off a tree and lands on his back and he can’t get it off.  A donkey lives in the next field and loves apples but can’t reach them.  Isaac crawls away and falls asleep and wakes up to find the donkey eating the apple from his back.  The donkey is very happy to be able to eat the apples and they became best friends helping each other.

We have had lots of hedgehog and apple related challenges this week.  Our maths challenge was to measure the weight of some apples, we used tweezers to put pom-pom apples on a tree, we designed and built hedgehog houses, we wrote about how Isaac helped the donkey and made bubble wands to blow apple scented bubbles.

We have also enjoyed drawing on large sheets of paper, used screwdrivers on our tool bench, thought about what was happening in the curiosity cube, counted spaghetti spikes on hedgehogs, made teen numbers using Numicon, found out information about hedgehogs, explored looking through coloured windows and lots more!

This week we had our harvest festival at church.  Each class took part in the service and we sang a song.  Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton were very proud of us.  As it was harvest festival this week we had a harvest themed story bag which we loved playing with and pretending to water and grow the vegetables!  We also had a farm in the tuff tray.

On Thursday we went back to the church to find out about baptism.  We looked at the font and found out that some Christian families baptise their babies to show that God loves them.  At the church we pretended to baptise a baby.   When we got back to school we had fun acting out a baptism. 

Next week we are looking forward to our new book ‘Superhero ABC’ by Bob McLeod.