Blog 11.09.20

Everyone in Starfish class had a fabulous first full week back.  The Reception children have started Read Write Inc. phonics.  They have been learning the sounds m, a, s and d.  We have been learning how to write the letters correctly and identifying objects that begin with the letter sound.  All Reception children also took home their first reading books this week which was very exciting.  Reading Eggs, on the iPad, has been a very popular task this week for those children too.


Our book for this week has been ‘While We Can’t Hug’ by Eoin Mclaughlin and Polly Dunbar.  We have been doing our Rainbow Challenges, linked to this book, but because our classroom is set up differently we have one (or sometimes two) challenges to do each day.  This week, to get all our challenges we needed to: write a letter to someone we loved, throw and catch a beanbag with a friend, paint a rainbow, build a house for hedgehog or tortoise, make a playdough hedgehog and tortoise and make a repeating hedgehog and tortoise pattern.  Nearly all the Reception children completed their Rainbow Challenges and then did their Gold Challenge on Friday.  The Gold Challenge is to choose a photograph of something they did in the week and to write about it.  Well done those children!


In the Curiosity Box this week we had a puffer fish which caused lots of questions and ideas from the children.  The children were encouraged to write and draw their ideas; there were some great ideas of what it might have got up to.  Each week we also have some special words we try to use.  This week our words were rough, fluffy, dusty and wiggle.  We also learnt a poem off by heart called ‘Chop, Chop’.  


In maths we have been doing lots of counting and number recognition up to five. We have even been counting things that can’t be seen.  There are lots of songs that involve counting which we have been singing.  Our favourite number songs this week have been   ‘1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a Fish Alive’ and ‘Five Currant Buns’.  We have played games that involve counting such as ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’. We have also been making patterns using children, coloured bears, camels and pictures.


We have been quite creative with lots of painting, cutting and drawing happening.  For our topic all about me we have been drawing pictures of ourselves.  We found out that this was called a self-portrait.   We looked closely at our self on the iPad and thought about our hair colour and style and where about on our face our features were.


Next week our story is ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas which focuses on lots of different feelings.