Blog 1.10.21

Our story this week was ‘The Littlest Yak’ by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley.  We looked at the footprints of the littlest yak and saw that there was another yak that was even smaller and she made even smaller footprints!

This week the nursery children have continued with ‘Squiggle while you Wiggle’ and have shown a great improvement with their lines and dots.   They have also been doing some really good listening to instructions and giving instructions to each other to build Lego towers.  The Reception children have continued with the sounds m, a, s, d, t, i and n.  They have been practising writing the letters using the correct formation and reading and writing words that use those letters

In maths the Reception children have been looking at things that are the same and different and talking about why they are the same or different.  We have looked at different socks and the leaves outside.  The children are also working really hard in Big Maths and are getting really good at singing ‘Zero, Zero, Superhero’ and ‘Let’s Count to 20’.

This week we have investigated making symmetrical pictures using mirrors and have experimented making different colours using red, blue and yellow coloured frames.

Lots of children have enjoyed painting this week and have had fun using the powder paint to make different colours. 

Thomas from Seal class came into Starfish class this week to tell us about our new food waste bin for our snack area.  He told us that we need to put our banana skins and apple cores in it and then it will go into our new compost bins.  Thomas then took us outside to show us where our food waste will go.  He told us that after a while it would turn into soil that we could use to grow things in.

Next week will be our last week of our theme ‘Big Steps, Little Steps’ as we will move on to learning about Autumn for the last two weeks before half term.  Our story next week will be about Sir Captain Tom Moore ‘One Hundred Steps’.