Blog 10.12.21

This week we have been reading different versions of the Christmas story. 

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to the nativity story:

Writing – Write about a part of the story

Maths – Match the Numicon shapes to make a stable

Funky Fingers – Fill the star with gems

Creative – Cut out and make a nativity scene

Construction area – Make a Lego manger for baby Jesus


It has been such a busy week in Starfish class.  We have been racing reindeer and Santa’s in the tuff tray.  We have used tinsel and baubles to make a tree and made Christmas gift tags.   We have also been  measuring ourselves to see how tall we are which will be part of a special surprise Christmas present for our families! 

We even had some Christmas themed Helicopter stories this week.  This is one of them:

'Once upon a time there was a big Christmas tree with a star at the top. And a robber came and got the star off the top of the tree. There was a princess she came to see the star on top. Her name was Princess Ana, Princess Belle, Princess Cinderella, Rapunzel Princess and Princess Elsa. There was a prince came and he got the robber, took the star and put it back on top of the tree.' 

We love Helicopter stories and have great fun acting them out.

 On Wednesday it was Christmas jumper day.  We all looked really smart and loved talking about our different jumpers.  Mrs Cotton gave us some resources so we could decorate a picture of a jumper.  We made them all very sparkly!  We also had a very yummy Christmas dinner and we even had Christmas crackers!

 This week we also got dressed up as cows and sheep so we could take part in the school Christmas play.  We did really well and remembered the words to the song were singing.  We have been recording different parts of the Christmas story for our own special Starfish Christmas story.  We can't wait to see it finished next week.

 Next week we will be exploring more about the Christmas Story and doing even more fun Christmas activities!