Autumn 22 - LKS2 Visit to Vindolanda

On Monday, the Seals went on an adventure to Vindolanda. We spent one and a half hours on the bus to get there, and the children were very patient playing games on the bus to keep them occupied. Once we arrived, we stepped through the doors and were transported back into Roman Times. There was a water fountain and sculptures to greet us as soon as we got through the door. We then saw a replica model of what Vindolanda would have been like and discussed the different buildings that were in the fort and its surroundings. We then moved on to exploring the ruins of the forts, finding out about the Latrines, and climbing the towers. Before going to the headquarters and then heading down to the Museum area for lunch. When we were enjoying our lunch, we were lucky to see the illuminated sheep being set up at Vindolanda. We then explored the museum, to see what Artefacts had been found, as well as looking at how Early Christianity was founded in the local area. Before heading back to school.