Autumn 22 - KS2 Visit to Tutankhamun’s Shoes

On Monday Seals and Orcas embarked on their very first Opera Trip! We went to see the English Touring Opera perform Tutankhamun’s Shoes. We did not manage to see the actually shoes but instead watched Ancient Egypt come to live through Opera. We followed Tutankhamun on his journey from becoming a Boy to a King to following ill and dying. We then watched as the mummification process happened. We learnt he was buried in Gold and did not play with other people of his age. He was isolated until he took a stroll to the River Nile, where he came across a lady who did not know his name or his role. That lady made him a pair of shoes that became a prized possession. We even went forward in time to the Downton Abbey age where we discovered part of Tutankhamun’s tomb being excavated. We finished our morning by exploring the Roman, Egyptian and Fossil sections of the Museum. Finding out about Hadrian’s Wall, The Egyptian Afterlife and different fossils that have been discovered.