Autumn 22 - KS2 Visit to the Lindisfarne Gospels

Flo's School Trip Blog

On  Wednesday  we  went  on  a  school  trip  to  Newcastle. Seals  and Orcas  came  to  Newcastle  on  a  coach. It  took  about  an  hour  to get  there. Then  when  we  got  off  at  the  Hancock/Great  North Museum. While  we  were  there  we  met  a  lady  that  talked  to  us about  the  animals  in  the  Lindisfarne  gospels. Then  we  did  a  game where  you  needed  to  match  the  card  from  the  label  two  the photos  to  the  drawings  in  the  Lindisfarne gospels. After  that, we went  into  two  different  groups.

One of the groups were looking for some animals and had to sketch  the other part of it. Then the other group  was looking at Anglo Saxons stones and gems. Then after we had some lunch. Then we  went to the Laing Art Gallery. We went into a room and we met a women who told us about the Lindisfarne gospels and then we went into a room that had a film about the gospels and how it travelled to different places with lots of people traveling around the world to seeing the famous book. Then we went to a room that had lots and lots of over a thousand years old then a room of art work. Then we went to Newcastle library and talked about books then we went back to school.