Autumn 21 KS2 Visit to Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle
Seals and Orcas visited Dunstanburgh Castle as part of Our Local Area's History Topic. We enjoyed the scenic route down by the fields and the Golf-Course. We first looked at Dunstanburgh as we were going round to get to the entrance, it was very big and looked ragged. But when we got to the beautiful archway, it was amazing. We found out that it was the entrance to the Gatehouse. You could look down and see who entered. From there, we visited the bottom of the Gatehouse it was 5 storeys tall when it was only supposed to be 3. We were intrigued to explore all the hidden hidey-holes. We found out that Thomas, The Earl of Lancaster in 1313. It had been besieged twice during The War of The Roses and was used for military use in the 1940s. We then went exploring up the towers, where we all went up to see the magnificent view from the top of the tower. We ate our lunch in what used to be The Great Hall, where Lords and Ladies would have had their dinner but we didn't learn this until we left and we thought it was fantastic. To finish our trip off we went and had a walk around the walls, where we found the Egyncleugh Tower. This is where Margaret of Anjou was supposed to have landed but didn't. We then enjoyed a lovely walk back and shared all we had learnt with Mrs Threlfall.