9 October 2020


Today we took our book of the week to the beach.  We listened to ‘Super Duper You’ by Sophy Henn in the sand dunes.  There is a page in the book that says ‘Sometimes you are very quiet in a world of your own’.  After the story we all sat very still and quiet ‘in a world of our own’.  Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton were very impressed with how long we were quiet and still for!

After being still and quiet we used our new beach school sketching books.  We discussed what sketching was and we all looked to see what we would like to draw.  We took our time and thought carefully.  There were some fabulous pictures of the sea, boats and the castle.

We then collected shells, stones and seaweed and made pictures of ourselves.  We made sure that we had eyes, nose, mouth and hair.  Some of us even found some seaweed for eyebrows!

We are getting much better at our yoga on the beach.  Some of us are excellent at the tree pose and can balance really well without falling over.  We like the flamingo and elephant pose best.  We are trying hard with our warrior pose making sure both our feet are facing forward.

After our snack we used the tree to sit on to sing ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’.  We counted down and discussed that it was one less each time.  We then made some huge numbers in the sand and walked along them thinking about how we write numbers.

Orca Class

In beach school today we began with rounding the children had to solve a crime to find out who stole a penguin from a zoo. The children enjoyed the challenging and have made great progress in their understanding of rounding. 


After that, we joined the seals and took part in an ultimate frisby tournament where each team playing two games. 


The orca class then moved on and began an art lesson, this half term wen are studying the artist Joseph Turner. The children looked at his art style and discussed why his art may be described as Romanticism. 


Carrying on with guided reading we read the next chapter of the book Holes the children then acted out this chapter in pairs. 


Once again a successful beach school session. 

Seal Class
This week on the beach, we started by working in groups to create our own news reports based on our science work in school. We then presented them to each other and they all did fantastic jobs. We then did some ultimate frisbee. We started by doing some cool warm-ups that the children all came up with. Flossing came up so many times, it’s a firm favourite. We then practised our frisbee throwing skills in our pairs before moving onto playing in groups and competing against each other. We then read the story Nowandle, girls of the waves from our class book Tales of Africa. We then wrote some amazing poems from Nowandle’s point of view and the journey she went on. To finish the day off, we did some sketching as it was such a beautiful day.