9 July 2021


Today was our last beach school for the year.  Our pirate ‘Elvis’ had a surprise for us.  It was a treasure map! We followed the map to find where the treasure was buried.   When we saw the ‘X’ that marked the spot we began digging!  After a while our spades hit something hard!  Eventually we were able to dig out the wooden chest.  It was very exciting!  In the treasure chest were some gold coins and some bubbles.

After the excitement of digging for treasure we settled down for a story ‘Ten Little Pirates’.   In the story there are lots of onomatopoeia words.  We learnt that these are words that represent a sound.  We wrote some of the onomatopoeia words from the story: zap, boom, bang, snap and zoom.

As the tide was out we were able to walk out to the rocks.  In RE we have been learning about Creation and what the Bible says about how God created the world.  We took magnifying glasses to see if we could find any of God’s amazing creatures in the rock pools.  After that we went for a Starfish adventure in the sand dunes.  We climbed the steps and then walked back across the golf course and then down the steps on the other side.

After lunch we played some games with the parachute, we ran underneath to change places, played sharks  and even tried to lift each other up!    We did some maths using the Ten Little Pirates.  The Reception children put them in the correct order from 1 to 10 and then found pairs of pirates that made ten.  The Nursery children collected shells and then shared them out making sure that everyone had one.  We then used the shells to make numbers in the sand.

The last thing we did at beach school today was make some boats.  Some children made paper boats and some children used corks to make a boat.  We then dug a river and floated our boats.  It was great fun.

What a great end to our beach school for this year.