9 February 2020

9th February 2020
Thank you so much to everyone who put effort into the NSPCC Number Day Great Fraction Challenge, whether it be through creating and photographing different fractions, sponsorship or coming in to the session on Thursday afternoon.  We raised over £270 for the NSPCC which is a fantastic amount.
Puffin Class had a lovely morning at the Northumberland Country Zoo.  We saw a number of Australian animals, including a wallaby joey peeking out of its mother's pouch, as well as other animals.  Whilst we were having lunch a couple came up to me to say how well behaved the children all were.  It is always lovely to hear such praise from strangers!
This week it is Safer Internet Day on Tuesday.  Whilst the children are always taught about how to stay safe on the internet, this is a day where many schools carry out specific activities to reinforce the vital messages.  At 4.15 all parents and carers are invited to a workshop where I will go through some of the main issues and concerns that you might have.  Please note that due to the sensitive nature of some of the topic content, and to allow for adult discussion, children will not be allowed to come along.  If you need childcare for the workshop, then your children are welcome to join our wraparound session.  The workshop should last no more than 40 minutes.
On Wednesday there is a Family Lunch.  Don't forget to check with Melissa if you have put your name down!  
On Thursday the Year 5s and 6s will be going to spend the day at St Michael's Primary School in Alnwick for an inter-faith day, where they will meet with representatives of, and find out about, a range of different religions.  They will also meet with representatives from the High School who will talk to them about what RE looks like at the High School, and what skills it teaches that may be useful in the future.
Please do not forget that Friday is a Teacher Training Day (our special Valentine's treat to you!)  We look forward to seeing you, after a good half-term break, on Monday 24th February.
We will be attending the Ash Wednesday service in the Church on Wednesday 26th February at 10 am.  You are all welcome to come along too.