8th October 2021

Goodness me the weeks are flying by!!

Another busy one again this week.  In English, we have been looking at diary entries and how to write one.  We noticed that they were written in the past tense and use the pronoun ‘I’ a lot.  So we had a go at writing some sentences in the 1st person as well as looking at how to change sentences into the past tense.

In Maths we have been looking at ordering and comparing numbers up to 100.  We have had a successful week in Big Maths too with four promotions.  The promotions go to INDIE, JOSH, RORY and CAMERON.  Well done everyone!  That homework of learning your learn its must have worked!

On Monday in history we thought about why the Great Fire of London spread so much and caused so much damage.  We analysed some pictures to see if we could find some clues.  The main reasons we found out were that the houses were made from wood and that it was windy.  We also learned that the streets were narrow, resulting in the houses being close together was also a contributing factor. 

In computing, the Year 1’s have been learning to log on to an ipad independently and I am pleased to say that a few of them can manage this now.  The others are close.  We had some great buddy work from Jack in computing.  He has mastered the skill now and was great at helping out his friends.  Well done Jack – great to see.  The year 2’s were perfecting their typing skills – we have some fast fingers in Year 2.

We designed our bread on Wednesday – thinking carefully about what we might add to the dough to enhance the flavour of our bread roll, as well as designing the shape of it.  We cannot wait to get stuck into making them.

Grant came and did some tennis again with us on Thursday, We are showing signs of improvement and we are glad that the weather has so far held out for us.

Have a great weekend

Miss Murray and the Puffin Team.