8 October 2021

We took our book of the week to the beach today.  ‘One Hundred Steps’ , the story about the life of  Captain Sir Tom Moore.

In the book it tells of how Sir Tom saw Mount Everest when he was in the army and then went to see it again when he was older.  We decided to make our own ‘Mount Everest’.  We all worked together to build it making sure we used both arms to dig to strengthen the muscles in both our left and right shoulders and arms.   When we had built it we all took turns to climb it!

After all that digging we sat down for a rest.  We used our sketch books to draw the castle, looking carefully at the towers we could see and drawing them carefully in our books.

We then practised our writing.  The nursery children practised writing their names and the Reception children practised the letter formation for the letters that they had learnt this week and practised writing some cvc words.  Some children chose to write in the sand with a lolly stick while others found feathers to use.

As our book this week was called ‘One Hundred Steps’ we took one hundred steps along the beach and collected things for our journey sticks.  We made sure that each time we stopped we picked up something different.  In our journey sticks we put seaweed, shells, stones, marram grass, sea glass, driftwood and leaves.  We then went for a one hundred step walk in the dunes to see how far up we could get.  Some children estimated that we would get half way up and some children estimated that we would get to the top.  We got to the top!  What a fabulous view we had!  We could see the Puffins by the water floating boats and we could see Orca’s sitting in the outline they had made of Sutton Hoo, the Anglo –Saxon burial ship. 

After all that walking the children decided they needed a lie down so spent some time lying in the sand dunes watching the clouds go by.  We looked for shapes in the clouds and saw a dinosaur, an umbrella and worm!

At Beach School this week, we started by doing mindfulness by staring out to the sea and sitting on a dune. We then recapped our learning from our visit to Dunstanburgh Castle to make our own Dunstanburgh Castles using the knowledge of different places to make our castles realistic. Our groups used seaweed to make the sea they used rocks to represent sea animals. They also made the Arches of the Gatehouse from the sand. Once we shared our Castles with each other and discussed why we used the materials the way we did. We then read some more of Cloud-Busting and discussed Sam's behaviour and linked it to how we should behave in school and how we should show respect to ourselves and others. We finished our morning off by sketching Dunstanburgh and using watercolours to add detail to it.