8 March 2023


Our book at the beach today was ‘Toot and Pop’ by Sebastien Braun.  We have been reading ‘Toot and Pop’ in class this week so we were already familiar with the story.

After listening to the story we wrote some words from the story in the sand.  The nursery children practised writing their names.

We then drew some boats in sand following instructions.  First we drew a sailing boat and then we drew Toot and Pop.

In the story Pop works in a harbour.  We spoke about what a harbour was and then made our own harbours in the sand.  It was great when they filled up with water like real harbours.

We made a big Toot and Pop in the sand and decorated it with seaweed and drift wood.  We all sat inside and Mrs Cotton took a bird’s eye photograph from the dunes!

For PE we used beanbags and hoops and practised our throwing skills.  We needed to remember to throw under arm and aim at the hoop.  Some of us managed to get quite a way from our hoop.  We then played a game where we needed to get into different sized groups. It was quite tricky to start with but we soon got the idea of counting each other and moving into different hoops.

There was a lot of ice about today so we had great fun walking on it and hearing it crunch under our feet.  We then picked some up and looked at it closely. 


This week at Beach School, we focused on our English unit 'Stories with an Imaginary World'. We spent time making our own individual worlds before then writing a descriptive piece about the Imaginary World we had created. We then spent some time reinforcing our science learning about the 3 States of Matter (Solids, Liquids and Gases). We acted as if we were the atoms forming the States of Matter and thought about how they were bonded together by grouping ourselves into the different types. We then continued our Ukrainian learning with Miss Anna. 


This week we had a change of scenery for our ‘Beach School’ Wednesday.  Instead of heading down to the beach, we headed along to the Quarry.  We initially went so that we could do some observational drawings of the trees but after a chat with the children on the way along, we discovered that some of them haven’t been; or hadn’t been for a long time.  We had a tour of the Quarry, talking about what it was originally before being turned into a nature reserve.  We sat in the outdoor classroom that has been constructed then took a walk down to the pond.  We talked about what animals would use the pond as their habitats and watched the swans and ducks swimming around.  Next we walked over to the ponies that are residing there at the moment and talked about the reasons why they are there.  During our walk around the quarry some of the children remembered planting the seed bombs as well as planting the trees.  We also took a closer look at the trees and flowers and observed the bud stage of their development.  We cannot wait to go back in the summer to see the buds change into flowers and leaves.  We ended our morning in the quarry by doing some observational drawings of two different types of trees as well as the gorse bushes with their yellow flowers that were beginning to blossom.  Once back at school we completed our circuits on the field before enjoying some playtime in the sunshine.  Despite the recent cold snap it was a very pleasant morning with the sun beating down on us and we are already planning our next visit to the quarry.