8 March 2019



A lovely stroll down our usual route to the beach caused a lot of discussion about season change and the different signs that we can see that the weather is changing. It is always lovely to hear the Orcas talking to the Starfish and Puffin class and  supporting the younger ones learning.

The first session was beach maths again reinforcing what had previously been taught within the maths lessons in school. Carrying on with decimal work this week the Orcas were comparing and ordering decimals.

After warming up our brains it was time to warm up our bodies with more rugby! Again this sessions was building on and developing the skills which the children have been obtaining through the previous weeks.

A quick snack and time for some English, this week the children were carrying on with the myth work which they had learned in class and began to plan a myth set on Embleton Beach. The children will carry on developing this as the weeks progress.

After another lovely lunch in the golf club the children were back on the beach and developing and finalising their scenes for the Beach School information film. They have been really enthusiastic about this product and it is all their own ideas. There are definitely some budding film directors within this class!

The weather was very kind to us today.  We started with a bright morning, which kept the chill at bay for a few hours.  After a little bit of quiet reflection time (which was rudely interrupted by a deaf but enthusiastic spaniel!) we got on with our maths.  We have been doing measuring and comparing size in class, so we decided to extend it outside.  The children found a range of objects shorter and longer than 5 cm, then had to order them, before measuring the shortest and longest ones.  We then decided to do measuring on a larger scale, and tried to work out how large Grace Darling's coble was.  We knew it was 6.4 m, so paced out how far we thought it was before using a metre wheel to measure it out.  We then stood at each end - it is very big.  We thought about how Grace could have rowed it in the stormy sea.
For PE today we did a Beach Circuit of throwing and catching, running, skipping and star jumps.  We were exhausted at the end of it!
After snack we wrote our weather reports and then carried out a 'Wild Lent' activity, getting a bug's-eye view of the world.
After lunch we designed and dug some cobles to act out the story of Grace Darling's great rescue.  We then had a great time role-playing being Grace, her father and the stranded sailors.
Here are some of our weather reports for this week:

'Today at the beach it’s a lovely mild day and everyone is cold and happy.  The grass is barely swaying because the wind is nearly not blowing. There are some dark black clouds in the sky so I think it might rain.  The sea is choppier than ever!'  Arthur (Y2)

'Today the sun is just peeking through the clouds.  The waves are wild. The clouds are dark grey. The waves are crashing like thunder.  Today the grass is swaying roughly. The wind is blowing cold. Most of the last days were warm and sunny but today is the opposite way.' Freya (Y1)

'Today it is cold.  The clouds are jumbled together.  You can really hear the sea. There is a small bit of sun.  The grass is barely swaying at times. Today I can see 5 waves in 10 seconds.  There are about 10 people.' Jake (Y2)

'Today it is very warm but the sun is behind the clouds.  The sky is a grey and a bluey colour. The grass is hardly swaying.  The waves are crashing on the rocks. There’s lots of people on the beach for a walk.  Today it’s also cool.' Mabel (Y2)

'The sun looks so close.  The waves are big and you can hear the waves. The weather is going to rain.  The air is showery.'  Leighton (Y1)

'It’s very cold.  Everyone is freezing. This morning it was very sunny.  The grass drops look like fairy lights. The clouds are covering the whole sky.  It’s lucky we all have gloves.' Grace (Y1)

'Today the sea is crashing on the rocks and the grass is swaying and the dark grey clouds are covering the sky.  The sun is kind of close and the wind is so cold. Today the people are walking with dogs. Some are walking with their family.  The little droplets are on the grass. The sand might start blowing.' Thomas (Y2)

'This morning it was sunny and two degrees and the waves are crashing on the rocks.  It sounds happy and later on it will rain and the two degrees will get colder.'  Freddie (Y1)

'Today the sea is quite rough on the rocks.  Today the grass is swaying gently. The wind is barely blowing in my face.  Today I am very cold but my hands are warm. Today the sea is like blue paint.' Summer-Rose (Y2)


We began beach school today with a quiet reflection time, thinking about how our bodies felt on the sand and by listening to the wind and waves.   For our maths activity we made a garden for ‘Mary, Mary Quite Contrary’.  We counted the sticks, shells and stones that we used.  We were very creative and had some great ideas: stone paths, shell and stone benches, razor shell slides, stick and shell trees and lots more!  After that we used ribbons to dance with, we had races and moved in lots of different ways.  We thought our ribbons looked beautiful blowing in the wind.

We then had our snack and then took some time to think about Lent.  We got down in the sand dunes and imagined we were one of God’s tiny creatures.  Suddenly the grass was a tall tree and a tiny pebble became a huge boulder. 

The next activity we did was to imagine we were different animals. We then played a guessing game where one person mimed an animals movements and the rest of us had to guess what creature it was.  The final activity we did today was to build a farm for some animals  with walls and fences to keep them in.  We LOVE digging in the sand!