8 June 18

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Since today was World Oceans Day we spent a large part of today thinking about the oceans, their impact on us, and our impact on them.  After a Parent Assembly where we learnt some facts about the oceans, we went down to the beach.  The session started off with everyone together reviewing what we found out about the oceans, and thinking further about how humans pollute the nursery using funnels and sieves to explore the sand, whilst reception and KS1 revisited compass points and time.  KS2 learnt about tide tables, investigating the tides on their birthday and then transposing the digital times to analogue before representing them on clock faces.  Class 1 learnt a song to help them remember the names of the different oceans, which they then performed to Class 2 during snack time.
Next we discussed some of the rubbish that could be found on the beaches, and the impact that plastics can have on sea creatures, before working together to collect rubbish on the beach.  In 30 minutes we found more than 2 buckets of rubbish on the beach and in the dunes.  We then sorted the rubbish and discovered that we had collected a lot of plastic rope and string, and bottle tops. Other main things we found were the plastic bits from cotton buds, polystyrene, plastic bags and cigarette ends.  We were not happy that our beautiful beach had so much rubbish on it.
After lunch KS2 drafted letters to the government, the Queen and companies such as McDonalds and Walkers about their disgust at the rubbish found, and the dangers that plastics presented to marine life.  They had a good discussion about how important it was to speak out, and were keen on finding ways to make their voices heard more loudly, through media and social media.
Meanwhile, KS1 and EY were investigating different marine creatures through the story 'Commotion in the Ocean'.  They then made sand sculptures of some of them.  Finally, they made an 'Ocean in a bottle' each to bring back up to school.