8 February 2023


We were greeted by a beautiful, calm and clear day when we ventured down to the beach. The session began with worship by the waves where Mrs Popay had everyone play humble hands – like tag but when someone tags you they say something kind about you.

After that, Orca class found a nice spot to begin. We started our session with reading some of the next chapter from The Explorer.

Next, we began our science lesson and began discussing water resistance and streamline, discussing what objects are streamline – airplanes and racing cars for example and how some animals are streamline such as sharks.

The children then carried out an experiment using water, stones and three pieces of foil. The children needed to see what shape of foil would travel faster through the water.

After the experiment we then discussed buoyancy and the meaning, and then we discussed how in the book the characters had made a raft to help them sail along the Amazon, the children then worked in pairs to make their own rafts. We will be testing them out tomorrow!


Today we took our book of the week ‘Let’s Look at Dinosaurs’ to the beach.  We noticed today that there were lots of rocks near the sea.  We went down to have a look. Mrs Threlfall found a fossil!  We have been looking at pictures of fossils this week so it was amazing to see a real one!

We made two different dinosaurs in the sand today.  We made a stegosaurus and used stones for the scales and made a minmi and used shells for the armour.

The sand dunes are covered in ferns.  Ferns were living when dinosaurs walked on the earth!  We took some dinosaurs into the dunes and made homes for them in the ferns.

For our maths today we used the trundle wheel to show how long some of the dinosaurs were.  We were very good at counting the clicks.  The longest dinosaur was the diplodocus which was 40m long.

We moved like dinosaurs for our PE.  We flew like a pterodactylus, used our  hands like the ankylosaurus club, made the sound of a parasaurolophus, swam like a elasmosaurus and stomped like a T Rex.



What a pleasant morning we had down at the beach today.  We started off with Worship by the Waves where Mrs Popay told us all about Humility.  We played a game of ‘Humble Tag’ which was a game a bit like tag, but every time we ‘tagged’ someone we said something kind about that person.  Then we listened to the story of King Neb who thought he was better than God. 

After worship we gathered our thoughts about the weather and described it using some lovely adjectives and describing noun phrases.  We discussed how the sky was looking and my favourite word from the morning was that it looked ‘marbled’.  We measured the wind speed, which was 6.8mph, using the anemometer.  

PE was next and we did our orienteering.  We split into two groups and headed off with our maps to try and find the flags.  Both groups were successful and were rewarded with a snack afterwards.  Once we had ate our snack we headed to the wet sand to make some 3D shapes.  The first challenge was remembering the names of the shapes, then remembering what shape faces they had and the final challenge was deciding how to recreate it in the sand.  We established that it was easier to dig downwards to get the depth of the shape and sculpt around it.  After all the digging it was time to head up to the golf club for lunch before heading back to school to complete some Ozobot Blockly.  This was so much fun too and we realised that the ozobot got confused when we gave it too many instructions.