8 February 2019


It was a wet and windy start to beach school today.  We began with joining the whole school for Worship by the Waves under the parachute.  Before we all got under the parachute we quickly collected five shells each.  Our worship theme this week is friendship.  We thought about the important qualities you need in a friend.  As we thought quietly about our friends we stacked shells, one shell representing one quality we thought was important.  We said a prayer and then sang ‘Thank you Lord for all our friends’.

After worship we did some measuring of stones and shells.  As we have been celebrating Chinese New Year all week we began constructing our own Great Wall of China!  We all worked together to build one long wall.  When we had finished we measured it in steps.  It was forty steps long!  If there had been more time we wanted to build it all the way to the sea!

We then went on a walk along the beach with a journey stick.  When we found something interesting we put it on our stick.  Halfway on our journey we found a sheltered spot for our snack.  When we had finished our journey we looked at our sticks and remembered where we had been.

After Worship by the Waves we got straight on with some maths - revisiting our work on division using sticks and shells  to share between 2, 3 or 4 'plates'.  This was followed quickly by some physical maths, practising our times tables, before moving on to practising some bat and ball skills.
Following snack we held warmed stones and wrote our weather reports - mostly wet and cold!  We then used some view finders to imagine our best picture of the landscape.  We talked about the different colours we could see (the sky did not have white clouds, the sea was not blue and the sand was not yellow) and fixed our picture in our heads so that we could do watercolours of our beach landscape when we got back to school after lunch.
The weather being pretty awful, we had a lovely warming lunch at the golf club, before coming back up to school for the afternoon.  Here are some of our water-colour paintings that we did.



Well, a cold and blustery start to this beach school session, the walk down was full of songs being sung to help keep everyone in a positive mood. This was then followed by worship by the waves which focused on our theme of friendship; the worship took place under the parachute which helped to keep us sheltered. Orca class then moved on to using fractions and began with challenging their partners with different questions. After that, they began their somewhat familiar route around the cross country track that they had been using last half term, this was a run / walk. The children then went to the bird watchers hut and began discussing the different species which they could see.

After lunch at the golf club, the decision was made to go back to school to continue the rest of the day there. Orca class began preparing their vegetables in the classroom for their Anglo Saxon stew. The ingredients included leeks, carrots, chicken, lentils and white vinegar to name a few. Then we went outside to the stove which Bridie had prepared for us, we had a discussion about fire safety, respecting the fire and what a safe distance was. The children followed the recipe and worked well as a team. The end result was a delicious mouth-wateringg stew!