7 September 18

So the weather has finally broken!  Not to be deterred by a little (!) rain, we bundled ourselves up for Beach School.  Mrs Popay led Praise by the Waves retelling the story of Jonah and the Whale, thinking about New Beginnings.  After that, Bridie went through the risks that we might encounter at Beach School, and we could remember all of the things that we would need to do to stay safe.
We then split into our classes for beach maths.  The Starfish collected and counted a variety of different things, and Orcas and Puffins used resources and actions to help learn about place value.  After maths we did some PE.  This term we are concentrating on ball skills, so after warm ups (which we definitely needed in the rain showers!) we used a range of resources to practise our skills - with Starfish working on throwing, Puffins working on throwing and catching bean bags accurately, and Orcas working on throwing and catching balls from increasing range.
After snack, Orcas developed their note-taking skills, listening to some facts about the history of Dunstanburgh Castle; whilst Puffins wrote down the weather and sea state in their journals, before being weather reporters, presenting the information.  Starfish went on a listening walk round the beach and dunes to hear what they could hear, and talked about the initial sounds of some of the things they found on their walk.
We were incredibly grateful to be out of the rain in the golf club for lunch, where we managed to dry off a little bit, and warmed up!
After lunch Starfish came back to school, whilst the Orcas and Puffins continued with some science work.  Puffins discussed how to classify different creatures, before going and finding some in the dunes.  They then did some work on labelling the human body, using flags to put the different features on - we had an interesting discussion about where a person's calf was!  Orcas went off into the dunes to look at the different flora and fauna, identifying them using sheets and writing down all the different things they found - from Banded Snails to Wild Thyme - before heading off to 'the Wall' to let off some steam at the end of the day.