7 May 2021

Definitely a bit like 4 seasons in one day today - with brilliant sunshine and clear skies, to sudden a sudden shower of hail!  Puffins started off the session writing and sharing their setting descriptions.  Have a look at some of them below.  We then used a map, and searched for orienteering flags on our way to the bird hide, where we investigated some of the different species in a wetlands habitat.  With the hide shut, we quietly hid underneath it, looking out over the pond with our binoculars.  As we dodged the hailstones, we 'turbo boosted' ourselves all the way back to school for lunch.

Today we continued our RE at the beach.  The theme for this half term is ‘Special Stories’.  This week we heard the Islamic story of ‘The Prophets and the Ants’.  This story is important to Muslims because it gives them the message that ‘No matter how big or small, all animals are important to God’

After we listened to the story we each had a card and spoke about what part of the story our card was about.  We then put the pictures in the sand to sequence the whole story.    For our writing on the beach today some of us wrote about the message in the story and some of us wrote about our favourite part.  We thought carefully about the sounds in the words and remembered capital letters at the beginning of our sentences.

After our writing we then used the sand to make some ant hills like the ants home in the story.  We built the sand up, patted it smooth and made a hole in the top.   We used some toy ants to help retell the story.  In the story there is a fire, we couldn’t have a real fire so decided to make a pretend one.  We went looking for driftwood on the beach but there wasn’t very much so it was a good job we weren’t having a real fire! 

We finished our morning on the beach with some yoga.  We are getting very good at some of the poses.  It can be  quite tricky doing yoga when you are wrapped up in waterproof trousers, waterproof coat and wearing welly boots!

We started off our trip to the Beach by completing our Daily Mile whilst doing Cross Country with the Orcas. We split off into 3 groups and managed to do some running and walking along the Golf Course and down the Beach. We are improving our time and endurance. We then had a walk along to the beach finding a good spot to do our learning for the morning. Continuing from last week, we were practising telling the time on an analogue clock by playing time bingo. The winners were Thomas W, Indira and Grace. We are getting there with quarter past, half past, quarter to and o'clock. We then enjoyed our snack and read some more of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. We finally got to the chapter where we met Professor Snape. The children were shocked at his character and when asked if they would like a potions lesson with Snape they all said no. We then did our Geography and Science back at school this afternoon. We walked around the village and used the route to identify features and places that we could describe our route to school. The children were able to remember all the different places. We finished off the day by looking at soundwaves and how the vibrations can impact the sound we hear. We all were able to see the vibrations of sound when we were jumping near the tray of water. The vibrations got bigger as more of us joined in and the sound got louder.