7 June 2019

We were lucky enough to have Bridie from Mudlarks join us for Beach School today.  It was also great for us to have Miss Murray with us today, as she doesn't usually get to come to the beach with us.  We started the session by all lying on the warm grass, looking at the sky and smelling the growth of the plants around us.  When we got on to the beach we started our maths. We have been looking at different ways to present data in class, so we continued this theme on the beach by collecting shells, sorting them and presenting the data using tallies, venn diagrams and pictograms.  After maths we did some PE.  This term we are doing some field events.  We started off with the standing long jump.  It is lovely to have such a big sand pit to jump in!  We had a go, then learnt some technique before having another go.  We measured our jumps to see who had improved.
After snack we showed Miss Murray where we do our weather reports, and got down to our writing.  The weather was lovely and warm, so we talked about how it feels.
After lunch we put waterproofs and wellies on and went to the rockpools.  In science we are looking at what animals live in different habitats, and today we had a reference sheet to see if we could find some specific rockpool dwellers - from common limpets and barnacles, to dog whelks and periwinkles.  Of course we also had to keep an eye out for Indira's favourite - the sea anenome.  Most of us found most things on our sheet.  When we had finished clambering over the rocks we sat down and did some descriptive writing of the things that we had found.
 Today was Sophia's and Marlie's first beach school session.  We were excited to show them what we do on the beach.  After some reflection time lying in the grass we went down on to the sand.  It was hot, so we took our waterproof trousers, shoes and socks off to feel the warm sand between our toes.  We put the sun tent up so that we would have some shade, and we enjoyed playing in that to start off with.  After that we did some maths - the older children practising counting in 2s using shells, whilst the younger children used spoons to make sand cakes, carefully counting the ingredients into their containers. 
Next we did some PE.  We are practising for sports day, so had a go at balancing bean bags in different ways, and waiting for our turn to go.  We also thought of different ways of moving and did some races using a variety of moves.
We decided to get out of the sun for snack time - the tent is just the right size for all of us to get in!
After snack we went to find some shells that were the same and different, focussing on saying how they were similar.  The older children then wrote some of their findings up.  Mrs Popay had asked us to collect some shells to bring back to school, so we had fun finding lots of different ones.
Then it was time to walk up to the golf club for lunch.  We had delicious sausage rolls!
After lunch we listened to the story of 'Tiddler' and thought about all the different shapes and colours of fish that were in the story.  We started making some fish shapes in the sand, but got distracted by the water coming off the top sand and making puddles further down the beach.  We then spent the rest of the afternoon making channels and pools, diverting the water and using engineering and problem solving skills to get it to go where we wanted.  We got rather wet, but it was warm so we didn't mind!
Thank you so much to Christine, one of our governors, for sharing the day with us!