7 January 2022


At beach school today we continued with our story of the week ‘The Mitten’ by Jan Brett.  We sat in the sand dunes and heard the story again.  We were able to predict which animal would get into the mitten next.

Mrs Cotton drew a big mitten shape in the sand and we filled the outline with seaweed.  When our mitten was completed we then retold the story moving like the animals.  We were moles, rabbits, hedgehogs, owls, badgers, foxes, bears and mice.  We then did a very loud sneeze at the end when we all jumped out.

Some of us found some coconuts on the beach!  Well, we thought they were coconuts.  We were a little disappointed to find out that they weren’t really coconuts at all!  We looked inside and saw soil, sand and roots of marram grass.  We found that they were parts of the sand dunes that had been dislodged.  We decided that we would pretend that they were coconuts and then we used them to sing ‘Five hairy coconuts in the coconut shop’ to the tune of ‘Five currant buns’!

Today we had the parachute and played some games.  We practiced learning our left and right by singing a winter hokey cokey.  We put our left and right gloves in and out, left and right boots in and out, warm hat in and out.  As it was a bit chilly we decided to get under the parachute to make a tent.  It got quite warm inside.  While we were inside we look through the hole in the top of the parachute to view the beach.  Some of us were able to see the Puffins and some of us saw Mrs Cotton.    Mrs Cotton put her hand through the hole  and took Mrs Popay’s hat!  It was very funny and we all laughed lots!





As you know this has been the first Embleton Beach School in 2022. Everybody has truly enjoyed it and are about to go home. We built an eco-friendly school using multiple ideas including a Hydro pool, an animal shelter - By Elizabeth our Class Beach Blogger
Yes, the first session back and the weather was calm but a bit chilly as the children said but we persevered and had a great first day back at beach school. We started by writing a poem based on what we did over the Christmas break and we chose some lovely Acrostic, Blackout and Haiku Poems to write. We then shared some with the class before giving each other feedback. After we then did some PSHE looking at what makes us who we are, which is quite a difficult question to answer but we had a go. We looked at what our interests are and what characteristics make us who we are. Then we needed to warm up a little, so we had a quick run around before starting our team building task which linked into our Eco-School Environmental Review. We had to create an environmentally friendly source of energy that could supply our school. We had a lot of different variations but they had some great ideas. To finish up the morning we learnt how to do a chest pass in Netball. It was tricky for some but they all managed to get there in the end.