7 February 2020


We began beach school today by continuing with our focus on Children’s Mental Health Week.  We were all very quiet and sat still while Mrs Popay read to us to help us think about the different sounds around us.  We needed to focus on our breathing and listen very carefully.  We all felt very relaxed when we had finished.

Our story on the beach this week was ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris.  It’s about children who describe their dragons.  Our favourite page for being at the beach was ‘My dragon is a sea-dragon.  All day he plays, racing dolphins in the waves.’  It was a bit chilly today so instead of writing we discussed with a partner what our dragon would be like.  We came up with sentences that described what sort of dragon ours was and what it did.

After a request from one of the Starfish we took beanbags to the beach today.  We practised throwing and catching on our own and then found a partner and practised throwing to each other.  We needed to make sure that we didn’t stand too far from our partner or throw too high!

We have been doing to some pattern making in maths this week so we continued on the beach today.  We had great fun collecting stones, shells and seaweed in our buckets.  When we had collected lots we made dragons in the sand and used the items that we had collected to make patterns along the back and tails of our dragons.


Each week we have been learning a poem in school.  Today we decided to recite two of them on the beach.   Spring Wind was very apt today as it was very windy!

It was another windy day on the beach today.  We started off playing a maths game - throwing and catching a bean bag whilst practising times tables, and counting in halves (Y2s) and backwards (Y1s).  Then we did our last orienteering challenge.  We have really enjoyed this activity and orientating the map and working out where the points are in relation to the features on the map has definitely improved as we have gone on.  Each week we have had different leaders, and it has been interesting to see leadership and teamwork being worked on too!
After a very welcome snack of fruit and warm squash we had a shorter writing session (cold hands) - writing about different weather conditions. We then spent some time 'finding our brave' running and rolling down the sand dunes as an activity linked to Children's Mental Health Week 2020.
After lunch we came back up to school to do a litter pick in the village.  This was a good opportunity to reinforce our science work on living and non-living, as well as thinking about how we should respect our environment.  We collected 2 large buckets full of (mostly) plastic waste.  Whilst we were out and about we also looked for some signs of spring and found daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses and primroses.