7 December 2018

Before we set off we thought about what we would need on an expedition, and talked about the similarities with what Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong would need for their expedition.  We made a list on the board.  We then had a quick practice with our compasses at finding north, and read through the map instructions.  Then we set off!
We followed our maps, making sure that we followed the instructions, setting our compasses carefully.  The route took us a different way to the beach.  On our way we stopped and thought about Mary and Joseph's expedition, taking it in turns to read the story.  We all did a great job reading the maps, and following the compass directions.
We got down to the beach and met up with the Starfish, before doing a little bit of maths revision, naming some different 3D shapes and thinking about what gift we would give Baby Jesus.
Continuing on the Christmas theme we found a spot out of the wind to make some pebble Baby Jesus' before lunch.
After lunch we listened to the story of Stick Man, before making our own Stick Men and then making some of the things that he became.  Our sculptured sandcastles are becoming very complex!  There was just time to make sand angels and have a go at pooh sticks before coming back up to school as the sun started to set over the hill.
We had a Christmassy themed beach day today. When we first got onto the beach we found a wooden pallet that had been washed up.  We used it as a stage and practised and performed some songs from our Christmas play! Instead of sitting round the parachute today we got underneath.  It was like a big tent.  We then laid on top of it and used our senses to hear, smell and see what was around us.   
We then drew shapes in the sand and used the shapes to make Christmas pictures.  We made snowmen, Christmas trees and presents.  While we were looking for stones and shells to decorate our pictures we found some driftwood which we pretended was a skateboard!  It was very tricky to balance on.  We played some running about games to keep us warm and then we went to meet Puffin Class.  We listened to the story of the first Christmas and then we made baby Jesus pebbles.