6th May 2022

We have had another fun filled week in Puffin class. I hope the children have told you all about the dragon that was seen in the Creighton Hall!

In English we have been working towards how we can help trap the dragon, the children have lots of ideas of how we could loom the dragon to us.

In maths we have been looking at weighing different objects in gram and kilogram measurements. The year 2 children were shocked at how heavy 2 kilogram really is.

In history we have been learning about the location of castles and why they were likely to be built near water or on a hill. In science we are learnt about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. In art we completed an observational drawing of the sand dunes.

For our computing lesson we had to programme the Beebot’s into moving around the castle in one sequence, without waking the dragon. Our topic in PSHE was the feeling of jealousy, we spent some time thinking about what jealousy is and what we can do to make ourselves feel less jealous in different situations.

We also made some prototype towers in DT.  We tested out different materials and different sticking techniques in order to find the most effective one.  We evaluated our prototypes at the end of the session and we now know which material and which sticking technique is going to be the best one.

There were lots of promotions in Big Maths this week too – Well done to ILVY, LUCAS, FLO, CAMPBELL, ELLA and OSCAR!