6 September 2019

It was great to get back to the beach today, and we had a good time in variable weather.  It was lovely for Charlie and Hunter to join the Y2s to make our select group of 9 children.  Thank you also to Lucy for being our second adult to help out today.
We started off the session with Worship by the Waves.  Following on from Rev Alison's worship on Thursday, blessing our learning environment, we got some seaweed and sea water and blessed our Beach School learning environment.
After that we were introduced to our weather recording equipment - an anemometer, thermometer, compass, ruler, stick and log book.  We are going to record the weather every week so that we have got some data that we can use in the classroom.  The wind was 140 degrees, and 6 mph.  The temperature was 18 degrees C (although didn't feel it!)  The sun made the shadow of our stick 36 cm long.
In beach PE this half term we are focusing on hitting targets.  Today, after a couple of warm-up games of Bulldog, we played boules and threw bean bags at targets.  We will continue to work on our accuracy over the next few weeks!
After snack the Year 2s showed the new Year 1s how we do our jounals - descriptive writing.  It was lovely to see the Year 1s giving it a really good go.  There were some fabulous adjectives and similes used.
After lunch we read the story 'Journey of the Sea Glass'.  It is a great book that stimulates lots of discussion as it has no words - just pictures.  There were some great observations made!  We then had a chat about what we knew about our new science topic of materials - we will continue to work on the difference between material (fabric) and materials.  There is definitely some convincing to do regarding fleece jackets being made of plastic!  
We finished the day by making some willow and raffia crosses for our Reflection Area at school.  It was lovely sitting in the peace and beauty of Embleton Bay making crosses out of natural materials.  At the end of the day there was just time for 15 minutes of rushing around on the sand before hometime.  The sand has really backed up on the beach creating a ledge - it was perfect for climbing up, jumping off and sliding down!
Today was the first day of beach school for some of our new Starfish.  We were all looking forward to today!
We began with Worship by the Waves and following on from Rev Alison's worship on Thursday, blessing our learning environment, we got some seaweed and sea water and blessed our Beach School learning environment.
Our book of the day today was 'Not a Stick' by  Antoinette Portis.  We read the story and then took it in turns to pretend what it our piece of driftwood stick was.  Starfish class were very imaginative it became a wand, a spoon, a broomstick, sword, a hat, a lolly and a straw.
After listening to the book we did some writing.  Some children wrote sentences about what the stick was, some  wrote the initial sound of some of the things we imagined our stick was and the Nursery children each found their own stick and did some mark making in the damp sand.
In PE we used sticks with ribbons on and made large and small movements, made high and low movements and then made different patterns in the air.  Some of us tried to write our name in the air.
In maths we used sticks to show one more or one less than a given number, used a stick to practise  writing numbers in the sand and used sticks to count with.
After a tasty lunch at the golf club we went back on the beach to make pictures using sticks and then told each other about our creations.
We all had a fabulous day!
What a lovely start to the year, the weather was variable but it didn't put us off! The Orcas began their morning with discussing roman numerals, I gave them a roman numeral and they had to tell me what number I had told them. The children worked well as mixed age pairing, a very positive start!
After maths we changed our normal timetable and began to look at our inspirational person who is linked to our topic which this term is Stone Age to Iron Age. This week our inspirational person was Mary Anning who had a fabulously interesting life before making her monumental fossil discoveries. 
Following on from topic the children then began to develop their pencil and sketching skills by sketching the landscape, we looked at techniques and perspectives. 
A scrumptious lunch at the golf club and then back onto the beach, this year Mrs Brealey will be teaching Orcas different knots, the knot of the week this week was a round turn with two half hitches. The children worked hard and tried their best to show determination and perseverance to be able to achieve this new skill. Well done Orcas!
We then moved to the Tippee Top classroom and began to use our poetry books which we will be using each week and produced some fabulous pieces of poetry which we performed to the rest of the class. After this we moved to the base of the wall where we had some more of our class reading book which is Stig of the Dump. 
I was really proud of all of the Orca's determination today!