6 May 2019

6th May 2019
We have had quite a sporty week last week.  Well done to the Orcas for good performances at the KS2 Quadkids tournament at St Paul's Primary School on Monday.  It was great to see everyone trying their hardest and improving their scores and times.  I was really pleased as well with how everyone did during dance with Simon on Thursday.  The enthusiasm and concentration was brilliant.  We were also very fortunate on Thursday that Tony from Newcastle United Foundation came to deliver the ball skills club.
Thank you to all those parents that took the time to share with us which Christian Values they thought were the most important for our children.  We are busy collating responses from parents, staff, governors and children and will discuss it at our next Governors' Meeting, before coming up with a 'top 3' to take the school forward.
This week is very hectic!
On Tuesday afternoon Starfish are going to visit the Police Station in Alnwick.  They will get to look around the cells, try on equipment, and probably set some of the sirens going on the vehicles!
Whilst Starfish are out, Orcas will be involved in a discussion with our new Schools Safeguarding Liaison Officer, Laura Miller, about friendships and relationships, emotions and empathy, and rules and boundaries.  This is part of the Operation Encompass (domestic abuse) next steps initiative being rolled out across county.
On Wednesday there is a parent lunch.  Please speak to Melissa if you have any changes to numbers etc.
On Thursday, after the SATS club, there will be a meeting about the residential for Y6 parents.  Mr Baker, the Y6 teacher from St Michael's will be coming to share what they did last year, and will be telling us what the plan is for this year, as well as sharing some top tips about what to bring (and to not bring!)
On Friday we are being joined by Bishop Christine at the beach for Worship by the Waves.  We are really looking forward to sharing our worship with her, and showing her all the amazing things we get up to on the beach.