6 March 2020


As we have enjoyed ‘Farmyard Hullaballoo’ so much this week we took to the beach to use as our beach book today.

To start with we all took part in reading the story using puppets.  When it was our turn we stood up and made the noise of our animal. It was great doing it on the beach because we could be as loud as we wanted!  Some children wrote in speech bubbles the noise each animal made, making sure that they used the sound that they have been learning in Read, Write, Inc and some children chose their favourite farm animal and wrote an interesting fact about it.

In PE we played a sheepdog chasing sheep game today which we all really enjoyed.  Two people were sheepdogs and the rest of us were sheep.  The sheep dogs had to catch the sheep and put them in the pens.  When all the sheep were caught two different children were the sheepdogs. 

In maths we thought about the properties of different shapes.  We looked at a picture of a tractor and a combine that had been made using shapes (our maths Rainbow Challenge this week was to make a shape tractor).  Using a lolly stick we created out own tractor and combine pictures in the sand.  We were able to say how many of each shape we used.

After lunch at the golf club we returned to the beach and spent some time making our own farms in the sand, we made barns, fields, pig pens, mud baths for pigs, shelters for sheep on the fields and some of us even made silage pits!

Whenever we leave the beach we always line up and then count in twos to make sure we have everybody.  We were so good today that Mrs Popay videoed us!

Our first stop today was at the quarry where we investigated how our wild flower patch was doing... still no shoots!  On the way we looked for signs of Spring flowers, making a tally chart of those that we found.  It was so warm and peaceful that we decided to spend some time sketching the buds on the trees.  We then had reflection time, listening to the bird song and feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces.
When we got down to the beach we did our weather reports, before having some quiet time reading.  We then listened to the story of 'The Enormous Turnip' before having to work together as a team to act it out, taking it in turns to be the narrator.
After lunch we played football with Paul from Newcastle United Foundation.  It was good practising our skills in the sand - we are definitely getting better at controlling the ball... most of the time!