6 Jul 18

This week was a geography focus, where Early Years and Key Stage 1 concentrated on their topic of Kenya, and the similarities and differences with England, whilst Key Stage 2 focused on Mexico.
Key Stage 2 started off with some maths, collecting shells and making graphs to show highest frequency, whilst Key Stage 1 and Reception recapped their work on telling the time.  The nursery children retreated into the sunshade for the story about Handa's Hen, focussing on counting to 10, before using small world toys to help retell the story to each other.
Key Stage 1 and Reception then listened to the story of Handa's Surprise, before acting out the story together with the help of animal masks and fruit.  At snack time, they even got to try the fruit from the story.  After snack, they looked at similarities and differences between animals we would find, and animals in Kenya.  They then worked in teams to make sculptures of Handa's village, thinking about how the houses are different to ours.
Meanwhile, Key Stage 2 were investigating the topography of Mexico.  After learning how to read a topographical map, they used the resources on the beach to make their own giant versions, carefully sculpting using rocks and sand to create the heights needed in the middle of the country.
It was decided at lunchtime, that the weather was too hot to spend the afternoon on the beach (who would have thought we would be able to say THAT in Northumberland!) so we came back up the hill to finish off our learning at school.