5th November 2021

Welcome back after half term.  Great to see everyone back.  We also welcomed Miss Gray into our class.  She is training to be a teacher and has come to do placement in our class.  She will be with us for 4 weeks, before heading back to uni.  She will then return in March to do her final placement with us. 

This week we started looking at our new book in English; The Owl who was afraid of the dark.  We drew a story map to help us learn and retell the story.  We are going to be doing some fiction writing based on it.

In Maths we carried on our addition and subtraction unit; focussing on related facts to help us work out addition questions.

Big Maths produced some good results this week too – a promotion for JACK and BEATRICE.  Well done to you both.

In history we have been thinking about Remembrance Day.  We looked at when it first started and why.  We talked about the First World War, and subsequently the Second World War.  We learned some new words and their meaning; such as, ceasefire and armistice day. 

On Thursday it was Diwali so we spent the day looking at the meaning behind it and how Hindus celebrate it.  We made the links between the Hindu festival of light, bonfire night and Christmas, all festivals using lights to help celebrate.  We read the story of Rama and Sita then acted out different parts of the story in groups for the rest of the class to guess.  We also designed some rangoli patterns using numicon and the pattern blocks.  We did some mehndi hand patterns and some mindfulness colouring in.  In PE we did some Hindu dancing, pretending to be the Evil King with his 10 heads and 20 arms.