5 October 18


A somewhat wet start to the beach day session today but, that did not stop us! After the walk down to the beach the children began their maths lesson this week the focus was on multiplication and dividing. Year 4/5 were concentrating on multiply and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 and year 6 were solving two digit by four digit multiplication and one digit by four digit division.

After maths the next lesson of the day was PE. The children continued to develop their understanding of competitive sports and after a group warm up session proceeded to take part in a game of rounders, the children’s skills have really improved and developed.

In topic there was a discussion about Roman settlements and what they already knew about them and what types of buildings / structures were included within a Roman settlement. The children were put into two teams and used communication skills and team work to produce two fabulous settlements which included, bath houses, temples and villas.

After lunch, the children learnt about another naturalist, Diane Fossey and they learnt what she accomplished. A brisk walk through the dunes took us to the Tip Top Classroom where this week the objective was to produce poetry based on autumn and trying to include personification, onomatopoeia and similes. Here are the children’s poems,



The orange leaves blow in the wind, as the wind dances as fast as a cheetah.

The sun shines on the plants below as they smile back.

As the clouds stay white and grey.



The sunshine makes leaves glitter in brown and shiny gold,

Trees have to drop their leaves as they are too heavy to hold.

The dry and bumpy leaves are sad as they need to say goodbye to their dad.

Days get shorter and trees are dying, forming a nice and fluffy rug at their feet.



The tree’s leaves leave they say goodbye to the tree,

As the wind swings them along as they go fast as the wind dances.

But, even the tree remembers how the new leaves will come again in spring.



The wind is having fun playing hit a conker in the sea.

Gold leaves are ready to plop off.

Spiders and others are ready to hide.

Leaves turn orange,

Leaves turn red,

Others stay green because they haven’t been read.



I’m a Hedgehog

I’m a hedgehog, I’m a hedgehog,

With spiders so tall.

I really have to hibernate,

Curled up into a ball.


I’m a squirrel, I’m a squirrel,

I’ve not buried my nuts yet.

I’ll have to be quite careful or I might forget.


The autumn leaves are welcoming me into a warm and cosy bed.

The leaves are changing colours into orange, brown and red.



The autumn breeze runs through the trees,

And yet, death to all bees!

But, “No!” screamed the trees,

But, they are still losing all of their leaves.



The autumn leaves played tag with the wind,

As birds fell as fast as a cheetah with an almighty plop!

As the calm sea made sand islands for humans,

The tree was watching over hedgehogs.

The tree was now crying,

The evil wind laughed hilariously,

As the calm sea remained still.



The leaves fly round the conker tree.

Looking for a friend like a squirrel or a person like you or me.

Flying up and playing tag,

Like when you lose a shopping bag.

The wind is like a British airline to the leaves

Then when they stand under a tree they share their hopes and beliefs.

They hope to meet again another day.

Maybe sometime in May.



The trees blow in the wind whilst the leaves dance and sing.

The leaves turn red, gold and brown.

Trees don’t want to let the leaves fall down.

The spiders come out walk and crawl,

Now it is time for the leaves to fall.


After poetry the walk through the dune brought us to The Wall, the children again had to think about travelling and safety whilst also challenging themselves. Another successful beach day and a total of 4.2 miles walked!

The day started off with a persistent drizzle that was determined to soak us, but undeterred we happily walked down the hill.  After a welcome circle, thinking about the waves, and sending waves round the circle, we split into our year groups for some beach maths.  Puffins were tasked with making cheerios bird feeders, with Year 1s looking at addition within 20, Year 2s looking at adding 10s and 100s, and Year 3s counting in 3s.
As the tide was on its way in, we decided to have a quick game of rounders/cricket (modified rules.... very modified rules.... for both!) before our pitch turned into an island.  We managed to finish just in time, and as the water swept round we saw a jellyfish being swept round too.  We spent some time watching it, wondering whether it was a he or a she.  None of us knew but we decided to find out when we got back to school (could have been either, or could have been both, depending on species - anyway, we learnt the word hermaphrodite - so all was good!)
After snack we went to our outside classroom to do our weather reporting.  Elizabeth gave a very polished and confident performance as our weather reporter of the day.  We then moved back on to the beach to make some body shapes to label.  We were given more tricky body parts to label this time - from ribs, stomach and skull, to thigh.
As the rain had stopped, and it wasn't at all chilly, we had our lunch outside at the golf club.
In the afternoon we joined with the Starfish on a bug hunt.  We thought about what the characteristics of an insect were, and discussed the difference between spiders and insects.  We then went up to beach houses and made our own bug hotel.  We know that loads of insects will love living in our cosy rooms!  We then did a great job walking up the hill, helping Helen by pushing the trolley, and were back in good time to lie peacefully in the hall reflecting on the day.
Even though the day started a bit wet all the Starfish were raring to go!  One of the starfish had a birthday today so we all sang a very loud 'Happy Birthday' to them on the beach before we got started.  Our first task was to fill our buckets with lots of different shells and stones.  It didn't take long as there were lots on the beach today.  When we had filled our buckets we made numbers in the sand and used the contents of our buckets to outline our numbers.  For PE we jogged along the beach and then did some sit ups pretending to be big waves and then little waves.  We then jogged back and  practised our throwing and catching skills by playing a couple of games.   After our snack we thought of some rhyming words and then explored our sense of taste by trying lots of different foods.  Some were salty, some were sweet, some were sour, some were crunchy and some were soft.  Some we liked and some we didn't! 
After lunch we had story time in the sand dunes and then we joined the Puffins.  We walked up in the dunes and looking mini-beasts and insects.  On the way we collected twigs, grasses, ferns and other materials that we could use to make a bug hotel.  Helen gave us each a tin which we filled with our collections and we wrapped some wool around the outside.  When we all had a room for our bug hotel we made our way back to school.  We are going to join all our rooms together to make a hotel and put it in our school garden.