5 November 2021

At the beach today we heard the story of Guy Fawkes and how, a long time ago, he wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament to kill the king.  We found out that this is the reason that we have bonfires and fireworks on 5th November.

After listening to the story the Reception children wrote some firework words such as zoom, bang, pop, whizz and the Nursery children drew some firework patterns in the sand.  We also retold the story using the story props and dug some tunnels because we found out that Guy Fawkes hid the gunpowder in a cellar underground.

For PE we pretended to be fireworks.  We went zooming like rockets, jumped up and down like cascading fireworks, went round and round like Roman candle, stood still and waved our arms around like a sparkler and then used the ribbons to go round and round like a Catherine wheel.

After we had our snack we made some big numbers in the sand.  The Reception children then used the ribbons to do some firework addition which they wrote in the sand.

We wanted to make some drift wood sparklers but we couldn’t find any drift wood on the beach so we decided to go to the quarry to make them there.  We also made a pretend bonfire and recited our firework poem that we have been learning this week.

At beach school we started off by finishing our Parliament Week by debating whether Climate Change was a thing or if it was made up. All the children made some fantastic points and used their research to support them. We then voted for the party that we believed should be in power. The Orca Boy Democrats won by a majority of 5 votes. We then completed our circuits as part of PE, we looked at Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Burpees, Shuttle Runs, Star Jumps, Squat Holds and the Plank. It was very difficult but the children gave it their all and will have some hard targets to beat next week. We then did some Beach Maths creating different representations in the sand using Place-Value Charts, Bar Models and Base 10. Then we split off into two teams and created our own Houses of Parliament in the sand. We finished off by reading the first chapter of Stig of The Dump our new beach book.